When should a metal roof be replaced?

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Can a metal roof be repaired?

Metal roofs are one of the toughest and long-lasting roofs on the market, easily outlasting shingle roofs and taking more damage from them while remaining operational. However, before seeing some damage on your roof and considering if you need a replacement, ask if it can be repaired. As arguably one of the most durable roofs on the market, a correctly installed metal roof is designed to take a wide array of damages and still remain in working condition. When correctly maintained, these roofs can last up to seventy years if not more. At the same time, even the screws in metal roofs last around twenty years. On top of being expensive, roof replacement is not necessarily the fix all as it comes with the possibility that it can be installed insufficiently or have a problem related to that after the replacement. When across the board, some damages may need replacement, but damages individually should not be as large of a concern. Examples of that being:

  • Leaks
  • Dents
  • Scratches
  • Paint deterioration
  • Rusting

When something like dents and minor rusting is across your metal roof, roofers can take on your roof with repairs that are highly capable of solving the problem. Particularly when weather like hail and high winds hit a roof, your roof tends to be able to still operate at top capacity with dents and minor damage visible on the surface. When those visual problems bother you, call the best roof repair company in the area. Premier Roofing Solutions can schedule you an appointment when you call 864-256-1227 today when you need repairs in Spartanburg, SC.

What maintenance does a metal roof need?

One of the benefits of having a metal roof is that you cut back much of the repairs found on other roofing options. As mentioned, these roofs were developed to be highly durable and it takes more force for them to be damaged. When accompanied by regular inspections, these roofs often last past seventy years in age and regular maintenance often keeps anyone in the related home happy. 

However, to some extent, a homeowner can lose some of the benefits of a metal roof when it is installed over the homeowner’s first shingled roof. For many states, the issue isn’t necessarily something to worry about because of roof installations and replacements are limited to one layer. Premier Roofing Solutions can answer whether you can do such a thing in Spartanburg, SC. Moving on, to some regard, the reason you lose the benefits of a metal roof when applying it over shingles is that it is not directly connected and does not use the effective process that a regular installation does. Metal roof repair is highly capable in keeping a roof in top condition, but it can be less effective in this case because the roof is out of the ordinary.

What are the disadvantages of metal roofing?

While there are superior advantages to a metal roof, there can also be disadvantages to them as well. While the primary disadvantages can be found when the installation is not correct or in commercial and non-residential buildings, the primary problem many have with metal roofing is the upfront price that is generally more expensive than most roofing options stack up to. The reason behind metal roofing being so expensive is primarily due to the materials and labor, the former being made to entirely protect your house effectively. However, the mentioned advantages of a metal roof are not the only benefits of the possible addition or feature of your home. You can see at once such things like:

  • Better curbside appeal
  • Fire resistance
  • Electric bill savings
  • Wind resistance
  • Not as heavy as other roofs
  • Wide array of possible coatings
  • Several styles and colors to choose from

The metal roof, while expensive, has several possibilities with it that prove it to be an advantageous feature for a homeowner. Metal roof repair as discussed is not as used as general roof repair and can be an easier process too. Particularly with sealing, metal roofs tend to be as long-lasting because they are implemented with a high-solids polyether or silicone sealant that compliments the durability with effective sealing.

roof repair

How do you stop a metal roof from leaking?

While metal roofs do not necessarily have common problems, like other roofs it does happen to leak due to two particular reasons. Particularly in colder areas, roof leaking can occur because of the buildup of ice and snow. However, a competently installed metal roof will not necessarily be the victim to this problem, especially when the homeowner has access to metal roof repair from a company like Premier Roofing Solutions. More common reasons for a metal roof to leak are:

  • Bad sealant or tape
  • Seams improperly connected
  • Flashing deteriorates or fails
  • Nails become too old or do not hold
  • Installation is not accurate in placement
  • Impact

Many of these issues can actually easily be fixed when a metal roof repair is done to your roof when the time comes. When you spot a leak, roof replacement is not the immidiate answer to the problem. Instead, try consulting with us at Premier Roofing Solutions in Spartanburg, SC for further discussion and solutions. Call 864-256-1227 today to get your metal roof repair.