What Is an SPF Roof?

spf foam roof system

A Smart Choice for Businesses

As property owners, we all naturally want to get the most for our money. Spending money that doesn’t serve a specific purpose or improve the value of your property can be like flushing it down the toilet. However, making smart decisions and investments into your building can make a real difference. When it comes to roofing, the choices you make will affect how much you spend on long-term maintenance. It will influence how long your roof lasts, how nice it looks, and what you have to do to keep it in good condition down the road. With spray polyurethane foam, or an SPF foam roof system, you get a protective layer that lasts for years. Here we’ll talk about foam roof benefits and some foam roof pros and cons to help you decide whether it’s right for your property.

The Benefits of an SPF Foam Roof System

Are foam roofs any good? Let’s take a look. Here are some of the biggest benefits of foam for the roof on a commercial building:

  • Easy Installation – With commercial property, time is often money. If you have to use a lot of time to install a roof system, it can disrupt tenants or the business you conduct there. With an SPF foam roof system, you’ll get the fast application without interruption to your routine.
  • Low Maintenance – Owners love SPF foam roofing because most of the work is done on installation. And, how long does a foam roof last? They can last decades up to 50 years with relatively little upkeep. Even if you need to apply another coat of foam, you don’t need to tear up the old one. It just goes over the top.
  • Waterproof – A lot of property owners ask, “Can spray foam stop leaks?” Well, SPF is seamless, so there aren’t any cracks for water to seep into. That’s a huge plus for people in areas with a lot of rainfall and owners with low slope roofs.
  • Energy Efficiency – Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roof systems will help you keep your utility bills low by reflecting heat in the hot months and keeping warm air inside during the winter.

How Do You Maintain a Foam Roof?

We’ve touched on this a bit, but foam roofs don’t require a lot of maintenance. Most of the time you can get by with regular cleanings to clear any debris or standing water from your roof. That’s all it takes. Most roofing professionals will recommend you get your SPF foam roof system inspected twice a year. Additionally, if you are having any specific concerns or issues you should make an appointment with a technician as soon as possible.

The Bottom Line – Are Foam Roofs Any Good?

An SPF foam roof can be the perfect solution for your commercial property if you’re looking for value and protection from heavy rain, strong winds, and other bad weather. One of the best things about foam roofs is that you never need to rip up the old one before installation. After a quick cleaning, the new foam roof can be applied to your existing roof. This is a huge money saver for most businesses. It also prevents you from having to shut your doors for a lengthy renovation. You experience minimal disruption while your new roof is installed.

A professional roofing service can also help you develop a long-term plan that helps you get the most performance and years out of your roof. They can talk to you about what you can do to extend their lifespan and perform routine maintenance. Indeed, preventative maintenance is one of the best solutions for an SPF foam roof system. With the help of an expert roofer, you’ll be able to spot early indications of leaks or deterioration that need to be addressed. That way, you’ll avoid any surprising large repair bills down the road.

At Premier Roofing Solutions, we specialize in SPF foam roof systems for properties of any shape or size. Our team works with roofs in the greater Spartanburg, SC, delivering excellent results that last for years. When we come to your property, our technicians will perform an inspection on your roof to assess its condition. It’s important to know whether your property is a good candidate for SPF. Then, we’ll work with you on a custom roofing solution that fits your timeline and offers the value you’re looking for.

Call 864-256-1227 today to learn more about foam roofing and how it can help you get the best roof for your property. We’ll make an appointment to get someone out to you quickly and take a look. Don’t spend more than you have to and don’t live with subpar roof performance any longer! Get the help you deserve from Premier Roofing Solutions. You’ll love the way your new roof looks!