Should I invest in a cool roof?

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What does a cool roof do?

“Just because everyone else is doing, doesn’t make it right.”, how many times did you hear your parents say that? The same is true with homeownership and upgrading to things like cool roofing. What is cool roofing anyway? The surface of cool roofing is designed specifically to reflect heat and not absorb it.

A cool roofing system delivers a higher solar reflectance and a higher thermal emittance than the average roofing system. What does that mean to you? If you’re in an area where the climate has more hot weather than cold weather, cool roofing will reflect the sun’s infrared and UV wavelengths and reduce the amount of heat being transferred into your home. 

Why get cool roofing? 

After you review these cool roofing pros and cons, tell us why you wouldn’t get cool roofing installed: 

The Pros 

  • Energy Costs are Lowered: With less heat being transmitted from the roof the interior of your home, your home will be cooler. The cooler the house, the less the air conditioning has to run, which will lower your energy bills and extend the life of your air conditioner. 
  • Convenience: Even in the winter months, a cool roofing system will help keep your home warmer by way of the chimney effect. What is the chimney effect? That is the hot air rises and warms the top floor of your home before the lower level. Or in the case of a one-story home, all the heat rises to ceiling.  So, while you’re feeling chilly downstairs in the family room, upstairs, you’re burning up!
  • Lifespan Extended: Next to a hailstorm or high winds, heat is the next biggest enemy to a roof. It will degrade a roof quick, especially asphalt shingled roofs. With a cool roofing system, it will last longer and that means less frequency in roof replacement.  which naturally break down gradually with direct exposure to the sun. The longer lifespan your roofing system lasts, the fewer times you’ll have to get a new roof.
  • Rebates: Some utility companies offer refunds for energy efficient roof replacement installation. Contact your local energy company and ask if they have such a program. 
  • Other pros to having cool roofing system installed would be possible federal tax credits, less carbon footprint and helping relieve that urban heat island effect. With a longer lifespan, less roofing materials in the landfills. 

The Cons

  • Lighter Roofing Gets Dirtier Faster: While that lighter color of cool roofing system is keeping you house cool, your roof may need washing more than twice a year. 
  • Increased Heating Requirements: Cool roofing systems may not be for areas where the weather has more cooler temperature. Houses where the temps tend to be lower need the sun’s UV rays to help keep the house war. 

What is the coolest roofing material?

Metal roofs aren’t just for barns anymore!  Metal roofing has gained a new popularity on homes the past few years and with a  solar reflectance of more than  70%, why not? If you’re looking cool roofing system, metal roofing is worth getting a few quotes and more information to install it on your roof.

What is the most energy efficient roofing material?

There are several good options for a energy efficient roofing system. As you look these over, find a professional roofing contractor that has the experience and knows how to install cool roofing correctly so that you get the most benefit:

  • Metal Roofing: As we mentioned earlier, metal roofing isn’t just for barns anymore. It is a top choice for residential roofing today and when it is installed properly, it will give you a minimum of fifty years lifespan. The interlocking panels are wind resistant and they are fireproof too!  That fireproof part will pay off with your homeowner’s insurance. Metal roofing comes in a wide range of colors and with the lighter colors, you’ll get an incredible energy-efficiency. 
  • Tile Roofing: This roofing system has some unique advantages, starting with it is the perfect roofing material for insulation. Air circulates easily under the tiles and that feature conserves energy during both cold weather and warm weather. Another fire resistant material and is sturdy against hailstorms. Available in a wide selection of colors and styles makes it easy to match any architecture. 
flat white roof

What roof is the best for a hot climate?

Clay tile roofing system is a good choice for homes in hot climates because it has a strong resistance to the thermal heat.  It is impervious to fire, and for some architectural designs, it is an attractive option. 

So, you want to know “How do I cool my roof?” after reading all about cool roofing systems, right? A cool roof might be a cool thing to have, even if everyone else is getting one. What if you can’t afford to get a new roof with any of the materials we’ve talked about here?  Understandable, we don’t have all a few thousand dollars sitting around waiting for a new roof whim. There are thing you can do that could help your keep your roof cool:

  1. Add insulation to the attic floor
  2. Check attic fans – are they working right? 
  3. Check for proper ventilation 

Those three things will do more for keeping your current roof cool than you may realize. Want to get started today? Give us a call at 864-256-1227.