Commercial Foam Roofing in Spartanburg, SC

commercial foam roofing

The Best for Your Business

At Premier Roofing Solutions, we help commercial property owners in greater Spartanburg, SC with professional foam roofing services. A quality commercial foam coating on your roof is the ideal solution for flat or low-slope roofs in the area. Installing foam roofing will add a protective layer onto your property that can last for decades with proper care and maintenance. Our technicians have years of experience working with all property types, so they’ll be able to come up with a custom solution that works for you.

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The Commercial Foam Roofing Installation Process

One thing many property owners are pleased to hear is that their old roof doesn’t have to be removed before foam roofing can be installed. There’s no messy tear up which saves you time and money. A simple cleaning process is enough to remove debris and prep the roof for foam application. We use expanding foam to fill in holes, cracks, and other gaps to protect your roof from water penetration and even small animals looking to get inside. After some time, the foam hardens and essentially gives your property a waterproof protective shell.

You must get professional help for commercial foam roof installation because mistakes can be unsightly and costly. The foam needs to be applied evenly and in specific patterns, because it will expand and contract as the outdoor temperature changes. Too many DIYers leave ridges in their foam that can affect the roof’s performance over time. Each of our technicians has to show a high level of proficiency before they are allowed to install foam roofs on client properties.

We’re committed to bringing property owners commercial foam roofing in Spartanburg, SC and other services. For years, we’ve been the preferred roofing provider in the area. We won’t call any job complete unless you’re totally satisfied. We’re confident you’ll love the way your new roof looks! Call us today at 864-256-1227.

  • SPF – Spray Foam Roofing SPF is one of the most popular commercial foam roofing options. We can help you with a custom solution today.