Cool Roof Installation

Cool Roof Installation

Professional Cool Roof Installation

Are you interested in lowering your utility bills with a modern roofing solution? Commercial property owners are asking for a cool roof installation in Spartanburg, SC that reflect the sun’s heat and keep your building cooler. Premier Roofing Solutions can work with you to help you decide whether a cool roof is something that will get you more performance and better results from your roof. We’re the preferred roofing services provider in the area, with years of experience and the resources to get to you quickly.

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Things You Should Know About Cool Roofs

During the hot summer months, it can get pretty unbearable around Spartanburg, SC. When your roof is outside all day constantly exposed to the sun’s heat, that heat can transfer inside and raise temps. The UV rays can also cause wear and tear over the years that can speed the deterioration of your roof.

Cool roofs are reflective, so they push off much of the heat. As a result, less gets absorbed into your building. With reflective roofing technology, your property’s roof can be up to 60 degrees cooler than other roofs. That makes a huge difference for whatever piping systems, HVAC, or anything else you store on your roof. It also impacts indoor temperature greatly. You won’t have to keep the air conditioning running as often or as strongly with a reflective roof.

Modern cool roofing technology uses a variety of materials. Amongst them, modified bitumen with built-in reflective particles is one of the most popular options. It’s cost-effective and easy to install. A Premier Roofing Solutions technician will consult you on the different choices you have to protect your roof, so you can make the best decision for your property.

For years, commercial property owners in Spartanburg, SC have turned to us as their long-term roofing service provider. We’ll get you a roof that works great and looks fantastic. Make an appointment today by calling 864-256-1227 or to ask questions about a cool roof installation in in Spartanburg, SC.