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When it comes to alternatives to roof replacement, Premier Roofing Solutions provides plenty of options. SPF spray foam roofing is just one of the several alternatives we offer in Burnsville, NC. Your roof will get added protection, especially from leaks, and overall energy efficiency will be improved. Learn more about our foam roofing and other roofing solutions or schedule services by calling 864-256-1227.

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When you have an aging roof that is in relatively good condition, one alternative to roof replacement that you have is roof restoration. Once minor repairs are done, roof restoration involves applying either foam roofing or a commercial roof coating. Both of these products protect your roof from further wear, especially leaks, and improves heat transfer. Not only will these materials extend your roof’s longevity by about 10 years, they can be reapplied after that. Premier Roofing Solutions is the team to look to when you want SPF spray foam roofing and commercial roof coatings in Burnsville, NC. 

We are the region’s top SPF spray foam installer and roof coating service provider. If you install foam roofing or flat roof coatings like silicone or acrylic, we promise you’ll save time as well as money. These materials form seamless, airtight barriers on your roof that protect it from damage and leaks, as well as give you increased UV protection. Savings from improved energy efficiency and on repair and replacement expenses will be noticed. Utility bills will be decreased significantly with these coatings. These materials can be added at any time to benefit from these savings. From beginning to end, you can count on Premier Roofing Solutions’s experts for exceptional service. To ensure your roof lasts for years to come, we help you select the best solution for your roof.

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If you are searching for specialists in SPF spray foam roofing in Burnsville, NC, you need to look no further than the professionals at Premier Roofing Solutions. You will find we can assist with any roof restoration project. Give us a call today at 864-256-1227 find out more about our team or schedule an appointment.