Commercial Foam Roofing in North Carolina

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When you need to find commercial foam roofing in North Carolina, look no further than the professionals at Premier Roofing Solutions. We’re a full-service commercial roofing contractor specializing in foam roofing and roof coatings. Your roof will benefit greatly from a spray foam application, especially when it comes to improving energy efficiency. Find out more about us or schedule a service appointment by calling 864-256-1227.

Roofing Services Provided in North Carolina

Spray foam is one of the most reliable options for roof restoration, and Premier Roofing Solutions serves as a leader in commercial foam roofing in North Carolina. Our roofers are highly skilled and work with only top-quality materials from leading manufacturers. When SPF spray foam is added to a roof, it forms a seamless barrier over the roof that protects it from leaks and other damage. You’ll also save money on energy bills because foam improves energy efficiency. 

Spray foam also adds about a decade to your roof’s lifespan, and can be reapplied regularly after that. You can apply foam at any time, not just when your roof is ready to be replaced. You’ll get the same benefits no matter when it’s installed. Along with foam roofing, Premier Roofing Solutions installs flat roof coatings like silicone and acrylic. Coatings function in a similar manner as foam, and provide similar benefits. They are also applied over foam for added protection.

In addition to being expert SPF foam roof installers, we offer a comprehensive selection of commercial roofing services. Our team provides repair and replacement services for roofing types ranging from metal roofs to single-ply membranes. Whether you need our team for foam roofing or roof replacement, you can expect nothing less than exceptional service.

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If you require a trusted and reliable team for commercial foam roofing in North Carolina, the experienced professionals at Premier Roofing Solutions are the team to count on. Our comprehensive range of commercial roofing services includes spray foam and roof coatings. Learn more about our ability to help you with your next project or schedule services by calling 864-256-1227.

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